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Virtualization & Cloud Management

Managed IT Solutions that make sense for your business


Maximize Your Technology

At CybertronPC, we want to be sure that you can take full advantage of your technologies. That is why we focus on the solution specifically through the Virtualization of servers and desktops. CybertronPC configures servers and desktops specifically for your environments and users, even in remote locations so they can be easily managed from a single physical location. When traditional configuration, storage and implementation methods are used with current hardware, the result is often a large amount of wasted overhead.

• Reduce volume of Hardware
• Lower costs and power consumption
• Gain more control of your virtualized environment
• Deliver IT services from any device, at any time, from anywhere
• Have optimized network, device and data security, and backup
• Allow for rapid and cost-effective recovery from a disaster

Reduce waste, improve efficiency and enjoy an
optimal network experience.

Cybertron offers a variety of virtualization options, which may be used alone or in combination, to reduce waste, improve efficiency and provide an optimal network experience.

Many systems used in the workplace today are for “Primary Office Tasks” – Word Processing, email, spreadsheets, etc. Even near-entry-level systems have more than enough computational capabilities for these types of use. Desktop Virtualization allows several users to make use of the excess power of a single computer. Often, these users will not even realize that they are not utilizing a stand-alone system. By virtualizing the desktop systems of these users, several advantages are gained.

CybertronIT will configure your Virtualized Applications to lengthen software upgrade cycles, ensure access to older data types or reduce the need and cost for training on newer applications.