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Tech Shows Up at the Kansas State Fair

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Tech Shows Up at the Kansas State Fair

Cybertron attended the Kansas State Fair, dubbed The Largest Classroom in Kansas, for the second year in a row to assist students from all over the state in The Scholastic Press Corps.

The Scholastic Press Corps was developed to provide high school students with an opportunity to put their journalism and video production skills to the test. The competition puts students in a real “on-the-job” situation where they must use their journalism and video production skills to cover specific stories and to develop a 4-page newsletter or a 4-minute video for a wide range audience.

Teams had the opportunity to work with one of the best videographers in the state. Cybertron Creative Director, Jason Opat attended all week to mentor students in video production. CLX gaming also provided computers with video editing capabilities.

Opat’s long list of video accomplishments includes his work on Hollywood films such as Transformers, Iron Man, and Spiderman 3. In 2011 Opat founded Mindfire Academy at Bethany College, the first accredited courses Kansas in animation, filmmaking, audio production, and video game design. Today you’ll find Jason traveling the country for CLX Gaming and filming with companies like AMD, Intel, and Monster.