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Cybertron’s CLX Takes 1st in Engineering: 2018 Intel Extreme Rig Contest

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Cybertron’s CLX Takes 1st in Engineering: 2018 Intel Extreme Rig Contest

1st Place in Engineering, 2nd Place in People’s Choice, 3rd Place in Creative

Wichita, KS – Wichita based computer manufacturer CybertronPC’s CLX brand stole the show with a $30,000 custom gaming computer at the Intel Extreme Rig Contest last night. CLX placed in three of the four judging categories, taking home the first place prize for Engineering.

“Wichita isn’t often associated with innovation, but we should be. Wichita is doing big things in the technology sector. Cybertron has been manufacturing PC’s here for twenty years, and like many amazing small businesses here in Wichita, we are competing in a global market using technology. It’s Wichita’s time to get a spot on the map” said Ahmed Abdelaziz, CEO of Cybertron International.

Here are the featured components of this over the top build outlined on the reveal video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IerhpLWrI6I:

• ASUS ROG STRIX X299 Motherboards
• Intel® Core™ i9 X-Series Processor
• Intel Optane SSD 900P Core Processor
• GSkill Memory with RGB Display
• ASUS Z370-E Motherboard
• Two Air-Cooled and Liquid Cooled Poseidon 1080 Ti Graphics Cards
• Two EK Water Blocks Motherboard Blocks

“We had ideas we were just waiting to try, and we wanted to break some rules; push the limits of what we could do with this machine,” said Jesus Ruiz, Product Development Engineer at Cybertron International. “Instead of just one PC, we built two systems into a desk frame that took us over 250 hours to design and assemble.”

Over one million votes were cast in the Intel Extreme Rig Contest with over two-hundred and fifty thousand of those for the CLX entry. Fans from all over the world cast their vote on Twitter for the Wichita built machine that would give any serious gamer the ultimate edge.