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Your network’s infrastructure is the backbone of your entire organization, make sure it’s strong enough to carry the weight of your operations.

–  Optimizing Each Step
–  Proactive Evaluation and Maintenance
–  Providing Expansions or Consolidations

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The beauty of Wide Area Networks (WAN) is its reachability. As opposed to a Local Area Network (LAN), the geographically dispersed aspect of WAN means more flexibility for your business.

– Unified Operations from Multiple Locations
– Standardized Security and Productivity Protocols
– Connected for Both Metropolitan and International Businesses

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Data Consolidation

Data Consolidation is exactly what it sounds like – the reduction of the resources needed to provide data on your network to all those requiring access to it. Proper consolidation takes into account the size of the network terminal and user base, the type of data and applications in use, and the locations involved.

With proper data consolidation there are many benefits, including:

  • Easier planning for growth
  • Quicker trouble shooting times
  • Avoiding expenses for unneeded hardware and software
  • Fewer opportunities for downtime
  • Savings on network maintenance, infrastructure and energy costs

CybertronIT will evaluate all of your current and projected needs to design and implement the right Data Consolidation plan for you.

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Migrating data from one system to another, or between applications can be problematic. What looks or sounds easy can quickly become a costly nightmare. With CybertronIT’s experience and exacting procedures, your data can be swiftly migrated for use while maintaining its integrity.

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Proper storage is about more than, “Do we have enough space?” and, “Do we have a back-up of that?”. It is about the right type of storage and backup, for each type of data you have.

While exact requirements will vary from company to company, consider the following examples: critical data, such as accounting records, product or service development information, etc. may need to be stored on a redundant drive array, with both a local and off-site backup of the data. Less important data might be on a non-redundant array, with only a local, or no backup.

The proper, optimized, configuration can not only improve efficiency and recovery security, but also save substantial amounts of money, due to eliminating wasted resources and lengthening hardware buying cycles.

CybertronIT will work with you, evaluating your needs, and optimizing your network storage.

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Stop Worrying About IT and Focus on YOUR business

CybertronPC will eliminate preventable downtimes and disasters – for good!
A free, no obligation network assessment by our engineers will help you identify risks and opportunities.

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